Harmony Financial Services

Robert Rolfe established Harmony in 2013.  He believes that to help people reach their life goals successfully, advisors and clients need to engage in an interactive process.  The primary purpose of this collaborative process is to help ensure people's dreams are in harmony with their money.

The first step is a discovery phase.  This allows individuals, families and businesses to clearly identify their priorities; and what steps they've already taken to reach their goals.  Then, Rob analyzes the fitness of the current goal status.  This is followed by identifying risks to those goals; and recommending action steps to help minimize those risks.

In the next step of implemtation, Rob provides clients with solutions to their challenges.  Then he works with clients to mutually agree on commitment to take next steps.  What follows is a recurring review of progress towards those goals.

Rob provides access to investment, advisory, and insurance solutions through his broker-dealer SagePoint Financial, Inc.